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At ROOFX, we believe that a good word goes a long way. If you’ve loved our services, why not share the experience with a friend? And while you’re at it, enjoy a token of our appreciation!

How It Works:

STEP 1 Refer a Friend

Do you know someone in need of roofing, gutter, or siding services? Direct them to ROOFX. Every referral you make echoes the trust and satisfaction you’ve experienced with us.

STEP 2 They Join the ROOFX Family

When your referral decides to elevate their home’s look and functionality with ROOFX’s unmatched roofing, gutter, or siding services, they don’t just get exceptional solutions. They join the growing ROOFX community, built on quality and trust.

STEP 3 Earn Your Reward

After your friend avails and completes payment for their chosen service, whether it’s transforming their roof, upgrading their gutters, or revitalizing their siding, a token of our gratitude awaits you – a handsome reward of $250.

Terms & Conditions:


Our Referral Program is enthusiastically offered in our locations at Williamsport PA, State College PA, Altoona PA, Harrisburg PA, Allentown PA, Buffalo NY, and Greenville SC. Please note that specific offers and availability may vary by location.

Referral Timing

For your referral to be valid and to earn your reward, make sure to provide us with the necessary details before your referred individual's first appointment.

One Referral per Homeowner

We value every recommendation. However, if your friend owns multiple properties, the referral bonus is attributed to them as an individual, not by the number of properties they own. Every homeowner brings a single bonus opportunity.

Your positive experience with ROOFX is a story worth sharing. Recommend today and enjoy the perks of being an integral part of the ROOFX family. Where trust meets quality, there’s always room for rewards!

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